Monday, December 22, 2014


Beeboard in Motion
It's the season to be jolly and spirit of giving .Just 4 more days before Christmas, many US & international retailer (online and offline) is doing the usual promotion year sales to clear their stock. As I was browsing any good deal for "2 in 1" tablet online, I receive a special email .Today , I found myself assigned with very interesting campaign from Boost Insider featuring a product I never thou going to exist for at lest couple few year..... Introducing the humble "Beeboard" . Don't let the name fool you, "Beeboard" is some stuff I expect to see from StarTrek movies yet it exist and sold at Amazon at this very moment. Beeboard claim to the "Thinnest Bluetooth Rechargeable Foldable Keyboard in the World" which I find hard to dispute because of its unique feature. It can be roll out like a piece of paper and roll back in place for storage.

Key Features of Beeboard 
*A fully functional, full size keyboard you can carry with you anywhere
*Leave your heavy laptop at home and do your work and emails on your tablet or phone when you travel
*Works with iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, PC and tablets.
*Up to 30 days on a single charge
*Thin, light and designed to roll up and go wherever you go
*Made of high grade Dow Corning Silicon, eco-friendly and waterproof
*Proprietary force feedback technology delivers the best typing experience on a thin keyboard
(Fan of  Breaking Bad should recognize this) 
Free For Limited Time Only :
The cool Golden Moth Chemical Barrel container for Beeboard

Hold on just a minute, for my reader who are reading my post . Good news , "Beeboard" is having Xmas Sales! Yes ! Sales so you can own one or more "Beeboard" for Christmas for yourself or as present for friends or family member by using the discount code! ( Price at Amazon: $39.99)

UPDATED NEWS 31.12.2014
The Discount Xmas Coupon code is Over but you can still buy it just clicking the link below  

Xmas discount, 25% off discount coupon code:
Steps to claim the coupon code
1. Add this product to cart. 
2. Proceed checkout.
3. input claim code "3QPXXCVD" in "Gift cards & promotional codes", click"apply".
4. check out with the new price.
5. And wait for the mailman to arrived at your home with a smile 

From my personal point of view although there are many bluetooth keyboard around in the market but "Beeboard" beat them because "I can simply roll the keyboard and toss inside my jeans or pants" before going to somewhere else especially you are busy executive. Having many different type of device (android , IOS, tablet , pc & etc) can be a giant headache for many user where compatibility is big issue. "Beeboard" keyboard seem to be a simple solution to that problem plus its eco-friendly and *waterproof* . Okay before I end this post. I wish my reader a "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year". Until then,signing off - Spec        

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