Friday, September 19, 2014

My 1st Zalora online shopping experiences

My Purchase 
RM100 ..... What can a messy RM100 can get you these day. Well for me since I was on my 1st online shopping outing at Zalora looking to replace my broken shoes .I bought something else too . A nice short pant, a new pair of shoes plus fresh cotton sock off the store will do the trick! 

Colour Zip Tropical Shorts and cotton sock
Lace Up Casual Loafers
Pos Laju Envelope 
To my surprise, Zalora include Pos Laju Envelope just in case I receive wrong product, damaged and etc so I can mailed it back ASAP to them back. Now, that's world class customer service. Plus point, I receive my order item from Zalora within 24 hours so I going to put Zalora under my "good merchant list" from now .  

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