Friday, April 11, 2014

Improvement for BR1M ( 1Malaysia People’s Aid)

The 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) is designed for the needy, less-privileged and low income earners .But in this case I would highlight the weakness in system to increase the efficiency so it would be less taxing in human resources when distributing the BR1M 4.0 to the eligible candidate next year and perhaps beyond:-

1) The main websites of BR1M should be completely revamped to be mobile friendly if not preferably redesigned for Google chrome or Firefox and support primary language like English, Mandarin and Tamil so the content can be easily understood by the reader,allow applicant to update their data online since its more convenient than traveling to LHDN office like changing address, marital status, Entering or Changing their Bank Account and etc. 

2) Creation of mobile app of 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) either Android, IOS etc allowing new and existing applicant to update their status or register on their smartphone , updating their details like Entering or Changing their Bank Account plus able to receive status of BR1M application 24/7.

3) Hire more contract or part-time officer that well verse in English, Mandarin and Tamil to be station at LDHN office nationwide to communicate and solve problem that arise from BR1M applicant that not verse with Bahasa Malaysia. 

4) Allowing essential government facilities like clinic,hospital,pos office,police station,or private enterprise like convenient store,telecom store,bus station,railway, university and etc to aid LDHN in registering new applicant to cut down in manpower and time around the year 

5) The Creation of BR1M Helpline on Whatsapp,WeChat, Line, and etc allowing applicant to seek aids or solving their BR1M application instantly using their smartphone.  

6) Allowing the applicant BR1M database to be synced with Immigration or JPN department so when  applicant update their address , the BR1M database would be automatically updated.

7) When sending out letter of rejection , it should include a Help section where it should state the type of document needed to appealed the rejection status.Plus it should be be make available online too on the applicant status section 

8) Allowing the applicant to appeal online or on their smartphone thus saving time.

9) LDHN should create a separate department that cater to BR1M applicant since I personally noticed things can get chaotic when horde of applicant swarming the LDHN office at the same time for their BR1M or update status. If possible, assign officer that is fluent in the language that applicant spoke.  

10) Creation of Help Guide that is available online or in booklet for unsuccessful applicant to understand the reason for unsuccessful application and next course of action to appeal if possible

11) I personally notice some of the elderly applicant of BR1M have que up at bank even using crutch or wheelchair with the aid of their relative if lucky. Crossed cheque send by secure courier should be used as a option  for the elderly applicant since most of in frail health .    

Hopefully some of my idea would be useful if not implemented for next BR1M 20151Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M 4.0) next year,. For more information, visit to gain more insight. 

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