Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lomography Sidekick TPE Bag Black

With my piggies point running toward their expiring date sooner than I expected,I quickly place a order lomography shop and behold."The Lomography Sidekick TPE Bag Black".Since I gotten my 1st lomo camera,I was facing problem in carrying around since normal tote bag or night market bags are not lomography camera friendly and not rain proof (Since I am living in Tropical Country)
At 1st glance,the shoulder bag strap are made from high quality material enough for me to carry lotsa lomo camera or point and shoot camera without fear getting snapped off. Beside rule#1 of lomography stated "take your camera everywhere you go" and this Sidekick TPE bag fit the bill perfectly.Look like I going to have more lomo adventure next year thanks to the Sidekick bag!  
The main front pouches are designed to hold to 2 LC-A size camera (I think 3 would be max)or equivalent point and shoot camera or any device similar in size .In my case ,it can hold a Sardina Camera and Holga CFN 120 perfectly and also hidden pouch to hide your money,card,battery or whatever that can fit the small pouch.     
As for interior part of the main bag itself,it could fit holds a notebook computer (up to 15 screen width) or couple of work related document easily so i might use it secondary bag to fit my office laptop just in case.But wait there's more to the Lomography Sidekick TPE Bag Black!   
The front pouch of the Sidekick TPE Bag Black can be detached itself and become a small mini bag and main bag if the need arise.Kinda like a Transformer bag. The interesting part I discovered every part of small pouch is designed to hold lotsa accessorizes like lens and etc. Even the bottom part was hollow around to fit few extra roll of film canister.      

Guess whoever design the Lomography Sidekick TPE Bag must did lotsa homework on the need of a active lomographer. As bonus I receive a my very own cookie cutter to create my very own lomo shaped cookies *if only I am good in baking too*. To purchase your own Lomography Sidekick TPE Bag Black, Press Here for only US$ 63.93!It's available in Lite version too.  


Isaac Tan said...

lomo expert detected! :)

Spectre Phang said...

Issac: not yet a expert but still learning