Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My New Sprocket Rocket Tales!

Last week during the weekend, I decided to add to my growing collection of Lomocamera with the Sprocket Rocket Camera! Fresh and tightly sealed straight from LomographyShop (HongKong) using DHL speedy service. I kinda bought it with awesome low price after redeeming it using my piggies point and free shipment code from@kuromeowiie . Not only that, I managed to get few pack of film to bundle alongside the camera!  
On the 1st impression side by side with La Sardina Camera, it weight the same minus the "Fritz the Blitz" flash and larger lens since its designed to be a panoramic camera. Its be more than handy to capture 160 degrees photo or group photo shoot. Might consider getting the adapter kit to mount the "Fritz the Blitz" on the Sprocket Rocket once I familiarize myself. Time to take the sprocket for a lomography adventure soon enough!
• Uses all kinds of 35mm film (color negatives, slide, black & white, redscale) • Super-wide angle lens captures entire width of film including sprocket holes!
• Scrolling knobs allow easy multiple exposures
• B-setting mode for nighttime/long-exposures
• Zone focusing
• Hotshoe for flash and standard tripod screw

Package Includes:
• Sprocket Rocket Camera
• Sprocket Rocket Lens Cap
• Tripod/Strap Screw
• The Booklet
• Instructional Manual
• Sprocket Blocking Frame
Lens   :  30mm
Camera Type   :  Point & Shoot


The Wanderer said...

OMG! Sprocket is my second most wanted lomo in the list and you got it. How awesome! Can't wait to see it when you bring it out for lomo outing :D

Spectre said...

Dian: Yes i will!