Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lomography Outing at DesaParkCity

Oct 29 2011. My good friend @Clevermunkey decided to have a lomography outing at DesaParkCity.Beside me, he managed to sign up @BenjaminVai @carolinemayling @shiiteck @isaactanjs @ericleeh @jayrenhy @jackieloi for the outing too since he and caroline is going to return their La Sardina Lomocamera set soon because the "Loblography Malaysia Challenge" is ending soon.   

Before arriving, I been told that DesaParkCity is the best place to live at Klang Valley . Remarkably it was the honest truth when I set my eyes upon the lake and lush greenery surrounding it. Plus there lotsa bird flying around and visible fish swimming around the lake that make it perfect place for photography outing.Not only that, folks living nearby are lucky coz they can jog around with their family member and fur-kid (Dogs).Managed to stumbled a trio of beagles with their owner having a photography outing nearby.       

With a quick reload of fresh lomography CFN 100 film, i quickly start my lomography adventure with My La Sardina camera.With good sunny day over my head, I could keep my "Fritz the Blitz" flash usage to minimum while the rest quickly starting to take picture using DLSR,compact camera or lomo camera similar to mine.Quickly,we sprang into action taking picture of the area, ourselves or even passerby with their pet dog running alongside. 

Overall, its awesome outing under the hot sunny weather where we try our best to get the perfect shoot, exchange of idea and tips or just plain lazying around with idle chatting on latest news.I don't mind returning to DesaParkCity for another outing soon.Before ending our lomography outing,we managed to have a yummy BKT (Bak Kut Teh) lunch before we went back to our homes.  
Guys on break!


Kian Fai Koh said...

LMAO! Good post :P And it is nice there is some pet around XD

Spectre said...

KianFai: Yes I envy their owner!

FiSh said...

wow lomography, i wish i have the $$$ to have a try with it

Spectre said...

fish: buy the entry level lomo 1st or 2nd hand will do