Tuesday, October 18, 2011

“My Happiest Moment”

My Happiest moment.... hmmm can it be my recent lomo adventure (completely on bulb setting) at KLPF 2011 or the 1st day I received my Fischers Fritze (La Sardina Camera) from DHL? To continuing my story about #TsDayout Pulau Ketam Lomo Adventure last week could be “My Happiest Moment”,I decided to use both Olympus XZ-1 and more importantly my "La Sardina" camera to capture images while cycling.A decision prove to be wise since I won a mini competition afterward at end of the #TsDayout. 

When I step out from the speedboat,I could sense the peaceful tranquility around the Pulau Ketam devoid from hustle and bustle of city life.While some opting for to travel and explore the entire island on foot, i decided to travel by using the island main transportation vehicle,bicycle.Using Rm 5 rented bike,I was caught by surprised by scenic and idyllic lifestyle aboard the Pulau Ketam where the islander enjoy simple lifestyle where kid could do fish crab directly from their doorstep while adult could walk or cycle from one point to another without worrying about heavy traffic.     

Despite have not biking for quite long time (10 years) I try to my best of my abilities to shoot picture using both La Sardina and my XZ-1. Every participant of #TsDayOut was having fun as they travel,bike, and took picture despite sweating under the hot tropical sun.Within few hours, we gathered up again at Community Center to download our picture to be judged by the jury and having awesome seafood lunch together.To cut thing short, before we departed for Port Klang Jetty. There is prize giving ceremony by the organizer (TourismSelangor) and I was shocked literally when they announced my name as one of the 6 winner since I didn't expected to won anything using digital camera. Rm 250 cash prize for the day and the selected picture is to be used to promote Pulau Ketam tourism.
The Selected Picture
My Happiest Moment
Photography is not bout having the expensive camera and equipment but able to take pride,and enjoying yourself to the fullest while shooting a picture using any type of camera even Sardin Can shaped lomo camera.It all about "Happy Photography" in the end as Olympus stated in their new advertisement campaign for the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3 and Olympus PEN mini E-PM1.  

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