Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Solution to La Sardina Camera Problem

After almost one week in my hand, I kinda adjusting to my La Sardina camera control and setting.The La Sardina "Fishers Fritz" camera comes with Fritz The Blitz Flash.Like every newbie to the camera, the major problem was the flash does not work when I press the Shutter button........however I managed to solve the problem eventually thank to the La Sardina Fb group kind advice.Before that , lets learn abit bout the flash.......    

The Flash itself utilize CR123 3volt battery as source of power and available (Rm 15+)  at most camera shop. To test the weather the flash is working, on the power ,wait till it recharge (loud charging sound) and press the tiny green button on top to test it out.I notice the flash will turn on by itself when I was in transit and inside my portable shoulder bag. So ,my advice is to remove the battery when "Not in Use"  to avoid to be drawn out of power.          

After properly attaching the flash to the camera,U need to pull out the shutter release lock out and give it a twist till u can see  "shoot only if you can read me " statement properly . Make sure it is properly aligned around the center of the lens and there's a "Loud Click" sound. That sound also act as on and off signal allowing u to use the flash.That's it! U are on the way to start a La Sardina adventure!

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