Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Galactic Laser-Fortress Zero Tournament:Capture The Flag

 Waiting for Match to Start!
Ouch . My feet still sore from running, evading  and jumping around the Laser Tag arena last weekend. Thanks to Amelia and tehtarikmemoirs, I got invited to play Laser Tag game, Capture The Flag the style. Try to imagine those pesky laser light thingy used to point at concert and u get the brief idea plus a couple of Quake 3 or CounterStrike to refresh your mind on how team based player works.    
 Flaming Ferret
Located at Midavalley, Galaxy Laser. The arena itself is full with obstacles,smoke, sound effect, dark alley *perfect for ambush*, different route plus the top level that suit camping style.Our team,5 man out of shape guys (+ Tony later on match),  the "Flaming Ferret" like other team where given the task to capture the flag of enemy bases by shooting ASAP and at same time protect our own flag. Sound simple right?    

Team Flaming Ferret, Sky Crusher Pose
Kinda fun to strap those laser tag pack as if we going to real war after be usher to Armour room.Not exactly, the 1 st game , we are defeated by pro laser tag team(SNSD). They basically run and overwhelming us like locust . 2nd match , we defeated by a family team (Anaconda) which consist of little girl and boy (which act as distraction) while the adult shoot their way thru.While we did win 2 match, it was too much for us since the match kinda eating our stamina away in fast and furious method . I kinda surprised we are still standing after 8 match.      

 Briefing and break between match
Despite team effort and tehtarik great strategy, we kinda getting exhausted after every match. Overall its a fun outing despite not advancing to semi final. Congratulation to Silent Assassin team for winning the tournament.I guess Flaming Ferret would need lotsa training before taking the champion again.....         

Pix Source:Galatic Laser FB page


Kian Fai said...

fuiyoh my hair at first photo kena wind hahaha

anyways good games la, they got stamina . . . I dun have > . < leg pain until wednesday wei

Spectre said...

Kianfai: me too . burn out GG

toninkush said...

whats with the GapAd? damn annoying lol

Spectre said...

tonin: u can remove the ads by clicking on it