Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformer 3: DOTM Outing!

Awesome Transformer Ticket!
Steph in V mode
28 Jun 2011 9pm.Midvalley. With other blogger friends , Jayren ,Eli, Qi Tyng and his friend, Isaac and his wife , Bernard and Eve plus my date for the TF3 :DOTM , Steph . We are ready to to transform and roll out for the movie. But 1st,a small diner at Burger Joe to fill up the hungry tummy coz its going to be long movie around 2 hour plus.Before entering the cinema hall, we were taken by surprised by numbers of people at GSC literally hundreds or more people are at GSC that particular day for the screening .The entire GSC hall was like swamped by transformer craze fan! I think i spotted my  neighbour among the crowd. Anyway a small cawnwhore session with Transformer model before entering the hall. To top it up, we got free 100 plus drink + popcorns to keep us energize the entire movie! Overall, Its superfunliciousawesomely movie from begining to the end. I think I won't mind watching it all over again!                 

PS: Thanks Bernard for helping collecting the tix and Isaac for ride ! See you guys soon!

Energon for the movie!
Transformer event in full action
A souvenir


Isaac Tan said...

no problem bro! and glad to see you.

Btw my name's spelt isaac, not issac . XD Cheers!

Spectre said...

Isaac: noted! Hope to see u guys around soon