Saturday, April 9, 2011

The RM203,000 WeBUY Community Giveaway Project!

If u been reading few of my past post ,I quite familiar with coupon based websites (that allow user to enjoy service/product at heavily discount price by just bringing the print voucher as proof of purchase!That's it!) since i bought few dozen wonderful deal for myself.Today is bit different and no less exciting as WEBUY is launching the The RM203,000 WeBUY Community Giveaway Project! The lowdown:- 
  • This BUY will be activated when it reaches 500 = RM 3 for every participant's WeBUY e-wallet
  • When the next target (1500 participant) is reached - the prize will be upgraded to it's respective amount (RM5 WeBUY e-wallet) automatically for all participants
  • If the next target is achieved, the prize money will be upgraded again. This goes on until the target of 10,000 participants. Remember to check out the chart below
  • If this BUY hits 10,000 - it will be a RM200,000 giveaway
  • Achieving 10,000 participants, every participant will get RM20 in their WeBUY e-wallet - a total of RM200,000 giveaway
  • On top of that, RM300 extra will be given away to 10 selected lucky winners. Making it RM320 each
  • Everyone that participates will win, so do your part to achieve the ultimate prize & amount
  • Now, Every Person Matters.

Not only that, "WeBUY will be drawing 10 lucky winners to WIN a RM300.00 extra to their WeBUY e-wallet if 10,000 is reached." Now that's what I called super awesome deal!

To top it up , Webuy is having Xtraordinary deal on Ah Tuan ee's place and The Cube on their side deal. Just perfect for awesome possum foodie adventure for friend and family alike!Wait there's more ,I not kidding! Webuy is giving out Rm 5 for Refer Friends, Earn RM5 campaign where every subscribers who will earn RM5 for every 1st purchase of the friends referred. Just click below for more info and sign up ASAP to gain access to latest deal!

C'mon sign up and join the latest hottest deal in town!


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