Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bagan Lalang:Selangor Water Festival 2011

Thanks to Dian and Mr.Fazly from Tourism Selangor,me and dozen of blogger embark on simple tour recently at Bagan Lalang, Selangor for the Selangor Water Festival 2011. Upon arrival, we check into Bagan Villa Resort (Rm 65 for off peak season) which is completely booked for the event.After simple rest overnight there, we were taken for awesome breakfast at Sepoi Sepoi, one of few exclusive restaurant at Golden Palm Tree.I managed to bump into some participant of Bagan Lalang Run and One participant even managed to flash V sign on the way to crossing line.     

Despite gloomy weather, we were taken around using mobile buggy  driven  by staff for a personal tour around the Golden Palm Tree.I could just feel the fresh cold air rising from Malacca Strait as their room are constructed on water itself and shaped like a palm tree. Just a perfect place for romantic getaway. We were busying taking picture  of ourselves and surrounding area that almost forget that its already noon. Along the way, we could see lotsa tent where set up on the beach and special designed area for tent with outstation visitor bringing their entire family along. Some are seem preparing their lunch over small bon fire. Just like camping. 

Lotsa food, drink and souvenirs stall were set up to cater to festival-goers along the beach.The Water Festival itself consist of a night concert, lucky draw, fishing competition, sand castle building competition, singing contest and beach tele-match but mostly we spend our time exploring the beach , getting wet ,taking picture or playing simple game of UNO. Later on the day ,we were taken to nearby town of Sungai Pelek for sight seeing and touring the local SMI food industry center .We even stumbled upon a few Dragon fruit orchard and some of us even bought few dozen  of dragon fruit back.Only when after we have our dinner , that we explore one of famous  thing that Sungai Lalang famous for , the Seafood ! and it's affordable too for less than RM 50 we got 2 kg of oyster ,small portion of squid and fish for our late supper ( for a group of 6) while Dian and the rest order smaller oyster for only RM 12 + including drinks.             

For our last day outing at Bagan Lalang, we decided to fly kite instead that easily purchased from nearby local store.Flying The Sotong "Squid" kite was quite hard at 1st as we have lack (No) experiences at all and few times to fly meet with loud crashing down but in the end we managed to get it on air and soaring high  above the sky . We managed to chat with friendly locals trying to catch oysters using special tool to located it on surface of muddy beach. Thus this end our adventure at Bagan Lalang as we head back to KL later on evening      
Again thanks again Dian and Mr Fazly from Tourism Selangor for inviting us for the event.
Source: Selangor Tourism Facebook 


ZhengNorahs said...

had fun with you and the rest at Bagan Lalang and it was an awesome trip cuz I got know you and the others. :)

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