Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saturday CCC outing + Desert

My Coffee Chemistry Cafe (located at Cubic Platform) voucher has been collecting dust and I almost forget if not for CCC 1st loyal customer , Henry about it on twitter. With Jayren, Jolyn and Henry in tow, We organize a simple lunch outing at CCC (short form for Coffee Chemistry Cafe) to catch the latest thing at town and have simple hearty meal. My voucher entitled me to have 2 hot drink, dessert and sandwich.So I order Caremal Latte ,Hazelnut Latte (Henry), Spicy Carbonara Chicken Herb Pasta for both of us , Chicken Fried Rice and Iced Mocha (Jayren) , CCC Signature Sandwich Wrap (chicken) and CCC Specialty Shepperd pie.      

According to Jolyn, the Shepperd pie looks like *Yat Pet Yeh* or lump of something. The presentation might be off but it taste great and no complain from my friends regarding other food and coffee . With cool ambiance and cheerful atmosphere at CCC , we quickly dig into our late lunch! Before parting our ways , we head to Tin Pan Kor Kor, yet another dessert outlet that sprung out recently nearby Snowflakes Kota Damansara .From the colorful menu we order Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls in Ginger Soup, Nata de Coco Soy Beancurd,  Mix Fruit Soy Beancurd, and Durian Pancake.Almost caught Jaryen with face down with lotsa cream around his face but he managed to whip it clear on time before we managed to capture it XD .Thus this officially end my Saturday outing with the gang!     


Hilda Milda™ said...

I havent got the chance to visit CCC yet ):

Spectre said...

Hilda: comelah we organize a CCC lunch weekend outing!