Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Last week Monday,I managed to get myself a pair of invites from MSN Malaysia and another pair from Alex to watch The Oscars Live at GSC Pavillion early morning .With extra pair in hand ,i got to invite Genee and Pond to the event too.Thing started slow since upon arrival coz the msn team and the girls have not arrived yet or stuck somewhere in jam at Klang valley but I managed to stumble into Max from my MSS 2010.With lotsa time to spare I head to cinema hall foyar area and was taken by surprised. It was buzzing with actives with the invited guest queing  and eating , chit-chating, taking picture , media taken picture and GSC service crew busying filling trays of hot food and drink for guest.

While waiting and eating my warm hot nasi lemak + hash brown , I could see the lotsa celebrities walking down the red carpet with occasional live crossover from Hong Kong providing comment and predication who's who's going to sweep the Oscar. As I watch time goes, the crowds grew bigger and soon the cinema hall are full with people. Interview and "Oscar moment" aka red carpet moment where conducted and heavy flash are going on. I was slightly worried for awhile since other guest have received their pass and the Msn team was nowhere in sight but luckily they made it in time.As for the girls they managed make it on time for the opening after slight quickie breakfast.  

pix source:oscar.go.com/

After quick searching in cinema hall,we found ourself a comfy seat overlooking the entire hall.The feeling is quite different and exhilarating if not different than watching at normal tv set as we watch the winner walks out to receive their Oscar.For few hours ,we are entertained by the Oscar presenter antic , music , jokes as they pokes at each other.Modest and simple for this year Oscar .Beside winning invites,I won brand new lomocamera and pair of tickets to "Fighter" movie courtesy of MSN Malaysia !     

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