Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Samkkya: Ayurveda Massage

Ouch! my bad hurts alot these days.Guess spending lotsa time in front of pc and stuck indoor and immobile for period of time has taken a toll on my health.However thanks to Groupsmore,i were able to snatch a good deal from Samkkya Ayurveda package for RM 68 (worth around  RM188). Located with walking distance of Bangsar LRT and edge of a housing area.Almost lost my way enroute thanks to incorrect direction from google map, it just opposite a the row of commercial building and next to lawyer office.Upon arrival, I was ushered to one of the treatment room and quickly change my clothes (Note: I almost stripped down completely during the process down to a disposable underwear)         

The male therapist start the process by washing my feet in basin full with warm water and start to massage my head  before ushering me to specially made massage bed for the "Abhyanga full body oil massage". It took me a minutes or so to adjust in face down situation leaving the back exposed while the therapist slowly heat up the oil nearby. Within second ,strong nice aroma start to fill the entire room. The therapist slowly massage my head,my back and stomach area from up and down . Even my finger and palm of my hand up to the shoulder was slowly massaged with the heated oil . I could felt my tense muscles that has been cooped up all this while were exposed and dispersing under the skillful strokes of the therapist. Both my legs joints were massaged to the point I felt fresh as newborn baby. Halfway into the session, I was asked to turn around so the therapist can perform the same massage treatment.Toward the end of "Abhyanga full body oil massage", I was completely covered and soaked in oil.   

Next, was herbal steam where for 15 minutes, I was  comfortably seated inside steam machine leaving  only my head exposed  and  the rest cooped up .Despite heavy rain outside the outlet, I was sweating like furiously inside the machine. After quick shower inside the bathroom located inside the treatment room ..I feel  like a brand new man that day ! Indeed, i felt like VIP while having my Ayurveda massage during my time there thanks to the professional therapist making it a awesome experience..Before leaving , I managed to collect my RM 50 voucher to be used for future treatment.Overall this gotta to be most intensive massage I have so far .My stiffness plus stress level is probably  gone down the drain .Even my backache sorta taken a vacation!
Location:Samkkya Ayurveda No. 1 Jalan Abdullah, 59000 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. (Opens daily: 9am - 7pm / Closed on Mondays) Phone: 03-2287 2111
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