Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My 60 mins facial treatment at Mary Chia

 Mary Chia Outlet at MidValley City
Since Groupsmore is offering RM 48 for 60 mins Anti Blemish Soothing Face Treatment /Age-Recovery Whitening Face Treatment+Neck + Shoulder Massage (value at RM160) Deal on their websites . I quickly snapped the offer. Within few days, the voucher emerged on my e-mail box for printing .I managed  to set up a appointment with the Mary Chia consultant  last Friday , 2 hours before Innit Yee Sang meet up at Sri Melaka , One Utama. Before the facial treatment start, the consultant using their scanner device has managed to bring the current state of my skin condition around my face which number around 36 ( safe area is 50) and encouraged me to use toner, cleanser and moisturizer regularly. With the oily surface and line creeping  around my eyes shown at the Pc screen X 100 size , I was taken aback coz I thought was doing fine job with daily cleaning . Haiz -____- !        
After brief consultant period, I was quickly ushered to their specialty prepared locker room to store my stuff before taken to the treatment room. Getting comfy and nicely tuck for initial treatment, iIfound myself relax (like most spa and beauty outlet they play nice soothing music all around the clock) listening to the music.Next thing u know, the staff enter and thus begin my 1st ever facial treatment XD by cleaning my face from any impurities from top to bottom and stuffing my face with cool like gel mixture before using the stim machine .Warm fuzzy feeling I must say so far  . Then,was the hardest part of facial treatment , the staff will manually removes black pores , death skin  and etc.OMG ! I could tell that my face was scouted every centimeter and put under big giant magnifying glass. Every few second, I could felt my face being poked ,squeeze and ant bite sensation . I swear I almost want cried out * OUCH* during that ordeal. But, kudos to the staff attending me that day and when the session ended, she show me the stuff  *I accumulated over the years* she managed to pick up from my face. Its was ugly view indeed *Sigh*            
Okay , the next part was the facial mask part as layer of facial mask and cream was place on my face on top of each other . Surprising ,despite being bury under layer of mask , it was awesome experience as I almost  doze off  after being left alone for nearly 20 mins to allow the mask to dry off. After removing the facial mask and cream, the staff apply their own Mary Chia  moisturizer cream .Overall, I personally rate my experience at Mary Chia as excellent, 5 of 5 . Here is the websites and contact number because appointment is needed before visit.Btw, personal thanks to Groupsmore for helping bring this deal too.       


Anonymous said...

Hahaha… what a funny face, looks like you enjoying so much, hmm I’m never doing facial before, maybe I should try one day hehehe

sy said...

It's really worth for the facial and time for me to relax and indulge tooooooo !!!!!!

Btw , did they scam you to hook up onto any of their packages ?

Spectre said...

alid: yes the felling getting pamper is bit overwhelming XD

sy: they try sign me up for long term package but i prefer ala carte one XD

Sherry said...

Long time I no go facial I sure know it hurts alot