Wednesday, February 9, 2011

EcoParadise: Antioxidant Hot Bed Rejunivation Therapy Centre

One of the best "The Gardens Malls" kept secret  *from my point of view* is the Eco-Paradise outlet which specialized at Antioxidant Hot Bed Rejunivation Therapy Centre .Lucky for me using my WorthyBooks voucher, I managed to get my 1st therapy session for free XD . I managed to steal one hour or so  in between my Chinese New Year shopping since it located conveniently near Midvalley so once I finished the hot spa treatment. I back in action for shopping spree. With top notch personal locker and shower facilities, plus quick change in their yukata, I was ready for my hot spa treatment.       
After quick ushered into the hot bath therapy room, I was given water tumbler containing water and to be left alone for 40 minutes.With almost like sauna environment ,I was told lay down on the floor using the towel to separate myself from the hot floor.With only soft music and wooden block as comfort my head , I was getting relax and starting to dooze off during the process. The purpose of this treatment is to use deoxidizing therapy technology for promoting rejuvenation and well-being .I  was starting to sweat like non stop all over my body during the treatment .Guess my stress level was starting to dwindled and being push out from my body system.           

Well before I knew it, my 40 minutes is up and was taken to waiting room that completely overlook the entire The Gardens shopping mall and given small cup of very refreshing enzyme drink.After resting for short , I head back for quick refreshing shower and get back my personal belonging .Indeed, I walk out feeling refresh and ready again to continue my CNY shopping outing . Plus I sign up for their  RM 48 for 3 therapy session on the spot too since I might just walk into their outlet in the future after exhausting shopping outing with friends.       

Location: Eco-Paradise, Cocoon ,Lot FF-229, 5th Floor 03-2287 4019 / 2019 , its best u take the lift from the ground floor to 5th floor Or from 4 floor  near Papa Rich outlet , head for the club area and take the staircase up to 5 floor .


HenRy LeE ® said...

wahhh org kaya only go for spa! :P

Spectre said...

Henry: nope, normal joe like u and me can go too but like rejuvenate your body from stress