Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ear Candling Session at MySolution

Yet another great deal from Groupsmore where Rejuvenation Package which includes  Ear Candling+Shoulder Massage+Tummy Rotation Therapy at MySolution for only Rm48 (normal price Rm 264).Before heading back for CNY holiday , I managed to contact MySolution to set up appointment around the busy weekend and wow,it literally full with actives with customer coming in and out. Guess I not the only customer seeking health based treatment  that particular day. I was quickly usher into outlet and store my personal belonging into their locker. Before proceeding into the "LOVE" room , Nope nothing hanky panky stuff .Just the room is named "LOVE" .Light refreshing hot tea is served to me and  plus soaking my feet  into bowl of hotwater filled with mineral.      
With a quick change into the specially prepared wardrobe for their customer, I  was nicely tuck in and ready. 1st,the MySolution therapists begin massaging my shoulder by applying pressure and lotion to release the tension and stress building over the year . It was smooth feeling type of experiences as I could felt my stress just melt away as she work around my shoulder area *Sweat*.After awhile, the therapists moved my face to the side to begining  the Ear Candling.Caution, U need to inhale deeply as possible if u preparing to dive or something to fully benefit the ear candling to the max to help your syndromes such as snoring, sinusitis and insomnia or ear wax.When the therapists light up the Bio-Sun Candle, I'm certain  I could hear fuse like firework sound. LMAO! Maybe the CNY mood is starting to affecting me .After awhile , the therapists start to work on the other side of my ear using new Bio-Sun Candle. The last part of treatment is Tummy rotation therapy where special machine is mounted on my tummy to help tone it up for 15 minutes and allowing me to catch a lite nap at same time.
After the treatment is done, the result show with the therapists that I suffer mild migraine by just looking at the Ear Candle leftovers. Anyway I feel like a new man thanks to the treatment plus professional  skill of the therapist at  MySolution despite hectic day.                         
Address: MySolution (the Curve)Lot 224, 2nd Floor, Asean Courtyard, No.6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47800, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Phone: 03-7726 5289 / 03-7728 5224
Note: Take the escalator behind Kenny Rogers outlet or head for The Curve Customer Service for direction .


Xjion89 said...

wow, u really know hw to enjoy life ooo^^

happy CNY^^

Spectre said...

xjion89: this fall under health category,u should try too . HAPPY CNY too dude