Friday, January 21, 2011

Choi Shen Yeh (Android Version)

Wooo. Look like I going to have visitor today. Its Choi Shen Yeh (God of Wealth ) in miniature android version . As Chinese New Year loom closer, Choi Shen Yeh is going to spread his wealth on the big day or as less it make your Android-less cousin with wee envy during family reunion. Note: Choi Shen Yeh is only available in Asia region and quite limited number. However thanks to TakenShop,  I managed to nang one unit (Rm 38.80) and also its comes with a 5% discount too. 
It arrived on my doorstep barely 24 hour later after making necessary payment. At 1st glance, I quite impressed with Choi Shen Yeh (Android Version) as it make a fine addition to  my collection . I have a hunch  its going to be a  great 2011 CNY family reunion. Here is some of the features:-

Figure Features:
- About 3inches height.
- Special Edition
- Asia Exclusive
- Rare collectible
- The vertical banner reads "Cai Shen Dao" which means "The God of Wealth Arrives" and the gold nugget in his other hand is something everyone loves!
- This rare figure is selling fast on everywhere!

Here is the link at, Facebook , and The Taken Shop websites to order one. For more info, visit dyzplastic and deadzebra.


ken said...

haha.. this is quite cute.. :)

yenniedoll said...

that is cute :)

Spectre said...

ken & eve: indeed its a limited collector item

yenniedoll said...

so cute :)

~Joeanney~ said...

eh, cute leh~~