Thursday, December 16, 2010


What can a  messy RM35 do these day at Klang Valley ? Perhaps one day outing with friends at shopping mall will cost more than that .Well, U should get WORTHY BOOK for this upcoming holiday for yourself or friends. Few weeks ago I managed to stumbled upon Joanna latest blogpost about her experience using the Worthy Book voucher at Modesto's KL. Curious , I send my e-mail to Worthy Book and volunteer myself to do a personal review on book itself . As I slowly browse the book page by page once it arrived on my hands. It contain 5 different voucher for each featured Retail, Dining, Entertainment and Services based company. They offered straight forward discount ,Free Up-sized or Free food , Drink or even Services (refer to term and condition) when u present the voucher before ordering and upon payment .          

To start things up. I managed to get free *small * Juice Boost drink by merely presenting the voucher and 2nd visit ,up-sized to Large for free. During my frequent lunch outing to Wong Kok restaurant , I got myself Free Milk Tea and Dozen of Fried Wantan  to accompany my ala carte lunch noodle and rice. Good news for Japanese sushi foodie out there, coz there are few dozen Japanese restaurant are featured inside Worthy book which means huge saving or free side dish . For example , I got myself 10 % off my bill when  ordering my ala carte meal   at Sushi Tei . I even use the Kenny Rogers voucher to get myself a free side dish to complement my Ala Carte Black Pepper Kenny's Chicken Meal . For Dessert, I managed to get Triple Scoop Cup Upgrade  for Free when  ordering a normal Double Scoop from Lecka-Lecka during my outing to Cineleisure Damansara .    
Okay, my next experience using the Worthy Book is bit different than usual one because I use it to get a Free Unisense Slimming Session which include free consultation at Unisense, From my rough basis understanding, usually this kind of treatment session will cost RM XXX.00 per session . So after a filling up info. , I got managed my weight and height taken before personal consultation regarding my health. The good news, my muscle index is in good shape and somewhere in the middle  . The bad news is my body fat is kinda stand at overweight so I need to lose it . Guess I need to change my lifestyle soon. The helpful consultant explain what kind of treatment I am going to expect, duration and check whether I have any health problem in the past. With green bill of health, I was quickly whisked away to treatment room  to change my clothes. As I was lining down , and getting strapped with the dozen pad on my stomach area and my thigh. I was kinda overwhelm and unnerving for 1 st timer like me.                  

So for nearly 40 min or more, I was immobile as the machine was doing their stuff but the good news  with the cool ambiance and soothing music playing in the background . It kinda help lift  my spirit up. Now ,I kinda understand why folks willing to pay lotsa money coz it really worth it. I 'm kinda seriously complimenting whether I should  follow up on the treatment although it might bit expensive .Although I am just using the Worthy Book for short few weeks, It's indeed Worthy for Value. Get it Now! 

PS: To get your hand on Worthy Book, Just E-mail or call them directly at 03-22643115 to deliver it at your doorstep. Another good news, Just Quote My Blog Name "SPECTREOUTREACH" to Get 20% off the price tag !

PS2: The Worthybook Is NOT AVAILABLE at any Major Bookstore in Malaysia unless u managed to ran into their roadshow.  

PS3: On the lighter note, the staff of Unisense took my Worthy Book  for  browsing  during my 40+ minutes session .Guess everyone want good deal or discount these day.  
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