Wednesday, December 1, 2010

“Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina”

1 December 2010. Time flies so fast that u could hardly catch it. Plus it time of the year  to shop for your loved one because "Christmas is coming to town". That's mean early wake up , drive thru gridlock , and if lucky, u might be the early ahead of the long line and perhaps  found the gifts u are searching for or  end up empty ended.  
However , there is good news for me and anyone reading this post because Jipaban , the highly customize shopping mall have make Christmas Shopping a simple and easy task.With FB and Twitter features , I could use the egg-on list to poll my friends online or wishlist to indicate my interest in this item before purchasing the item. It might be the "Trump Card" needed to skip the usual messy and last minute shopping crowd as Christmas day draw close. Forget about camping outside the mall and asking friends to bring early breakfast since in matter of minute, u can purchase the gifts without any further delay and headache.      
Btw, the DJBear in Chocolate Brown (M-Size) from WeloveCD  looks the perfect gift for my aunt since she might want listen to her favorite music on her Iphone as she perform the daily household chore.Now, she can groove to Lady Gaga dance whenever she want or while cooking his favorite dish  .With price tag less than RM 100, it's highly affordable which includes delivery to Malaysia. From my point of view , its a huge bargain with easy to use online banking /bank transfer system and able to pay using paypals/credit card .
Shopping can be simpler now all thanks to Nuffnang and Jipaban !   


SIM YEE said...

That bear is cute! but too bad none of my friends or family has ipod. good luck to you!

Spectre said...

Sim yee: thank for the comment XD