Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well, its the holidays season again with Christmas and New Year around the corner . That's mean lotsa hard earned money is going to fly away from your wallet and yours truly. Fear not, if u have already have Jusco Card around ,U going to saves some money while spending at selected Food & Beverage outlet, entertainment outlet , Hotel and etc. As long its the Merchant accepted J-card, U will gain discount, free stuff , extra services and etc. determined by Jusco Merchant Partner itself . For example, I gain free "Soup of  the day "and Iced Lemon Tea at Manhattan Fish Market , 10 % discount for any Beverage at Starbuck , 10% off for  ala carte meal at Black Canyon Coffee, 10% off at Baker Cottage  and etc by just producing the card itself . Subject to Term and Condition .So Hurry and Apply one today !      
 Guess I would using my J-Card more often  XD

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