Friday, November 5, 2010


4 November 2010. The day of infamy because Uniqlo just launched their 1st biggest Southeast Asia outlet here at Malaysia. AND Guess what! I'm among the 1st 500 customer that managed to shagged their new clothes that day! From what I heard,the 1st customer have been lining out since 3 November around 10 pm  *Amazing* . Guess their Advertising and PR campaign is awesome one from the start when up to 4,000 people show up on Fahrenheit 88 doorstep plus braving hot weather start to line up from outside into the mall itself. Even thou I arrived around 7 am in the morning , nearly 100+ eager waiting  shopper already totting the line! Arm only with set of McDonald breakfast set plus warm coffee, I quickly join in !  
While waiting *4 hours* ,I slowly took my time to facebook and twitter with folks using my phone.Since I was pinned down in the que and barricaded , nothing much i could do except to take picture and watch funny antic of waiting folks in line and curios on looker gawking at us . Cat Nap, eating, reading newspaper,  playing mobile game, taking picture with DLSR *no kidding* or online using IMAC or mobile phone are some of the thing, folks on the que are doing to pass time. For those that comes in group , they could easily takes turn for lite foodie outing at Bukit Bintang. As time slowly approached 11 am , the crowd are getting larger by the minute and as the entire area is light up with working folks in power suit or heavy drilling at  nearby construction area.        
At last, the perk of early birds is the lucky draw for a pair "all paid expenses" ticket to Japan . A personalized details "UNIQLO" card to be submitted together with my resit later. Number "O174". Not bad, at least I am among 500 early customersPlus a handy map to guide me around. The ground floor is full with promotional item, 1st floor for female clothes and 2nd floor for male clothes. With this info, I can quickly race up the escalator and focus on the clothes I want to purchases  when the outlet officially open . 
Spotted a Japanese tv station crew running out and back countless time to get best footage of the event , MYFM,, 8tv crew outside the outlet plus from other media  folks . I am guessing this go to be biggest promotion campaign I ever seen n my life. Mootz from  are even giving Uniqlo voucher to roaring crowd to keep them occupied for a bit longer. As the clock strike 11 am , it literary went off with a big bang and cheer.As we quickly makes our way in outlet, we are greeted by wonderful and smiling Uniqlo staff and received  my tote bag  .Although it bit crowded with folks, I managed to buy some clothes at discount price plus using my RM100 & RM 20 voucher at same time .      
End result. One Piece Tee shirt , Cashmere , Smart Casual Shirt . From price from 29.90 to few hundred ringgit for high end clothes. Uniqlo contains quite awesome collection of clothes and jean in the store. I probably will go back there soon to with my UNIQLO voucher before it expired XD .PS: should bring more cash since there is lotsa eye catching clothes I want to purchase!   

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