Monday, November 22, 2010


 Anxious MSS blogger ready to depart !
Thanks to Genting Group, me and the MSS gang are able to visit Genting Highland again to see and enjoy their new show  "GLITZ" which include a pick up trip from KL Sentral and back from Genting. To sweeten things up, we got given free buffet dinner in Coffee Terrace located at First World Hotel. Despite short 20 minutes or more , we could *ahem* eat sizeable dinner, guess the short trip from KL Sentral has turn everyone in hungry eating machine for awhile at lest.    

 Even with limited time, we enjoy the trip!
With last minute dessert down the tummy, we are quickly hush to "GLITZ" and managed to get ourself seated comfortably while the sexy dancers of Glitz performing opening dance and between the show in different outfit and groove, followed by Charles Bach, the magician and illusionist which awe us with his magic. Later the HuaChen Acrobatic Group perform some spectacular acrobat moves that capture our heart and Dania Pushankina, a sand animation artist with her superb sand drawing skill. We managed to posed with Charles Bach later after the show ended. Great show indeed. Before we end our little Genting trip , we took more picture and  chill out at Starbuck with "Peppermint Mocha" in tow . Overall , awesome filled trip .      
Group photo session 
PS: thank Dylan for your great photo ! Head here for more picture!

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