Friday, November 12, 2010

The Day I'm RM 1 K richer

It's been a month or more *I think* since I join the Alliance Bank You:nique contest while browsing the Klue Magazine. Using my twitter account , I immediately submit my entry online and  Presto ! I got an email from Klue informing me *breath for lotsa air* that I won the Alliance prepaid card that comes with 1K preloaded (RM 1,000) . Thats is indeed lotsa moolah and nice present for me. *Awesome *And with little help from the mailman, my card arrived intact  plus  the best part it comes my personalized name "SPECTRE" to give a sense of individualism. Indeed, I_KL because only place on earth where everyone anything is doing random thing 24/7 that drive sane people into awesome folks today!PS: Guess lotsa folk will asking teh tarik treat from me soon. ^  ^ !


HenRy LeE ® said...

ok... lunch n dinner on u! thanks! :D

Dimple Dee said...

wa.. haha.. ada orang kaya dy ah.. belanja makan!!! ^____^

Spectre said...

henry + my long lost cousin: ish ish can if u find a mamak that accept debit card XD negk negk