Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MySelangorStory: X'traordinary

To be frank, there is lotsa thing to be told about my "6 days 5 night MySelangorStory" tour. Indeed , it was somehow not some average trip I was expecting at first place. Instead, almost 30 odd blogger of us got more than we bargain for! It's was real coaster X'traordinary Adventure fill with own ups and down tales. From the ever mesmerizing I-City "City of Light" and slice of Shah Alam Uptown Night Life (Airborne) at 1st day , followed by short enlistment in Royal Selangor "School of Hard Knock" plus awesome VIP reception at Genting with YB Elizabeth Wong at 2nd Day . At Day 3 , we are able tour Chin Swee Temple and Kanching WaterFalls before enjoying peaceful lifestyle at Kampung Dorani Homestay and little close encounter with Kuala Selangor FireFlies at night. After super charged non stop tour for 3 days, we are able relax a bit at Sunway Pyramid before continuing the tour at Tropicana Medical Center following next day. We got to play for few good hours at Sunway Lagoon before ending the tour with awesome dinner at Haven . It quite sad to watch our newly found blogger friend from neighboring Indonesia and Singapore parting with us that morning. As one by one of us slowly departs back to our normal life , we took more than just mere picture and sweet memories of MySelangorStory that particular day . We took away the most valuable prize of  MySelangorStory tour , " Friendship".Hope to see u guys soon in our next adventure ! 
PS: I would personally thanks the organizer of MySelangorStory especially Amelia for working so hard to make it happen, YB Elizabeth Wong, MySelangorTourism team , TvSelangor crew which also tagging us for the rides and recording our super crazy antic , Our super cool awesome sponsor and not forgetting, my fellow blogger! U rocks ! MySelangor Story Rocks! Peace Out!  
MySelangorStory List of Sponsors 
  1. Firefly (Official Airline) – http://www.fireflyz.com.my
  2. Pentax (Official Camera) – http://www.dscworld.com.my
  3. Tropicana Medical Centre (Official Medical Centre) – http://www.tropicanamedicalcentre.com
  4. Resort World Genting (Offical Resort) - http://www.rwgenting.com
  5. Sunway City Berhad (Official Integrated Resort)
  6. P1 (Official Broadband Provider) http://www.p1.com.my
  7. TV Selangor (Official Online TV) - http://www.tvselangor.com
  8. Royal Selangor (Official Souvenir Shop) - http://visitorcentre.royalselangor.com/vc/
  9. Haven Restaurant (Official Restaurant) - http://www.havenrestaurant.com.my/
List of MySelangorStory *Crazy* Blogger

1)      weneism.blogspot.com
2)      jacquelyn88.blogspot.com
3)     www.tianchad.com
4)      azuanzahdi.com
5)      www.zewsays.com
6)      sylistic.com
7)      dylan-zd.blogspot.com
8)      msxeroz.com
9)      www.kemalife.wordpress.com
10)   wanderlustheories.blogspot.com
11)   zaraaluwi.com
12)  hananan.wordpress.com
13)   denise-sweetserendipity.blogspot.com
14)   runwitme.blogspot.com
15)   www.enveeus.com
16)   alidabdul.wordpress.com
17)   krenmaut.blogspot.com
18)   fadli.web.id
19)   kokd.blogspot.com
20) feeqsays.com
21) eyriqazz.com 
22) clconquers.blogspot.com 
23) www.wretch.cc/blog/jingyi87 
24) thristhan.com

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Mr Lonely said...

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The Wanderer said...

I love the photos! Your depicted Day 6 perfectly well :) One to remember!

Eyriqazz said...

it was a great journey..love it to the fullest...especially meeting ur guys..it was really worth it...winning or losing, we already get our best prizes which is friendship,experience and great memory..till then, met u again in the future bro...

P/s ;word of advice, disable word verification so easier for people to comment

Spectre said...

WANDERER & eqriazz: it was great adventure from the beginning to the end . We gain the ultimate prize of MSS , FRIENDSHIP indeed!

PS: well , i probably stick with the former coz too many spam