Saturday, October 2, 2010

MySelangorStory:Day 4 "Eat,Sleep,Click"

Hearty Breakfast
Group photo marking our visit at Dorani Home-stay
After simple hearty breakfast plus signing our name and thanks on the guest book, we bid farewell to our foster family before heading to our next destination , Sunway Hotel Tower ( According to itinerary we are supposedly to stay at the 5 star Sunway Hotel & Spa but due to unfortunately circumstance, the plan changed ) the MySelangorStory (Official Integrated Resort) . Although tour was awesome, it's start to take heavy toll on everyone including the organizer that tagging along with us .The end result  (for the majority), we sleep (snoring included) like babies throughout the journey to Sunway while Feeq goes hunting for blogger's candid moments for MySelangorStory post and wenyi try to make some post. While many of us has been to Sunway Pyramid countless of time. This is probably our 1st times where we are actually spending 2 night day 3 day there.   
Upon arrival at Sunway Pyramid Hotel , we randomly pair up again . This time I got pair up with Tristhan and we quickly made our way to our room carrying our heavy luggage saddled with souvenir we gather so far from MySelangorStory sponsor (Thanks agains!). Within 30 minutes , we gathered around at the lobby area  for lunch at Mantra Restaurant and Bar located at ground floor of Sunway Pyramid. We are practically starving when we enter the restaurant . (that's why i cut my video little short from usual) 


After lunch, we got a special surprise from Amelia ! It going to be free and easy all day long! It was a green light to for us to move around Sunway Pyramid aimless and shot! (Pictures Only).Honestly things could get better we given a tour guide  to show us around, perhaps there is some part of Sunway Pyramid is not fully explored by the public during the mega sales session. We keep exploring from one part to another end of Sunway  Pyramid . It's was quite jam packed since it's the weekend and folks around area are taking the opportunity to shop,dine and sight seeing with their family.
After exhausting our battery (Yes! we blogger have does have battery lifespan kinda to similar to smartphone and require constant recharging aka sleep and food) . We head back to our room and late afternoon nap. As Tristan is soundly asleep. I took the opportunity to explore our room and found out JENG! JENG! JENG! that our room is facing the atrium! Folk from downstairs could virtually see us and vice -versa if the curtain is not pull down or else.......... (U get the general idea) 
Moving on, we gathered around 6 pm and head toward Sun and Surf Cafe located at Sunway Hotel and Spa for our  buffet style dinner. I heard that they cafe boast of selection of local, Thai, Japanese, Mediterranean,Middle East and BBQ type of food . So again, we kinda enter "all u can food mode spree "thingy. The food kinda average to my point of view but it does fill our tummy . In the end, we spend whole time talking to each other or engage in some mental games to pass our time off .   
Playing with our food! 
Before retiring to our room, we head our separate ways while I decided to stick with  the rest of MySelangorStory blogger to do night life sightseeing at Sunway Pyramid area . It sure kinda rival I-City in color and almost same scale plus it quite happening area during nighttime with large number of Food &  Beverage outlet dotting the Sunway area so folks can party 24/7! Thus this end MySelangorStory:Day 4 ! 
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The Wanderer said...

Wahlau the sleeping pictures are finally emerging slowly. So scary as I scrolled down. Praying I wasn't featured :S

hahah definitely cute photos during the Sunway Pyramid expedition you guys did :)

Spectre said...

wanderer: no worries if U got featured , u be the 1st one to be know! XD