Friday, October 1, 2010

MySelangorStory:Day 3 "FireFlies Park"

At around 8 pm , we depart from Kampung Dorani after the rest of blogger gathered up at the bus and head toward Kampung Kuantan FireFlies Park ,fame for it famous fireflies (or Kelip-Kelip in local language) and can be found 8 km upstream and 18 km downstream to Kuala Selangor. Boats can be charted for RM 40 per boat and can carry up 4 person at same time ( For us it free because it part of MySelangorStory) Don't worry ! LifeJacket are provided just in case does goes wrong and we reminded not to stand while boat is moving. Another than that, we reminded not to use flash because it might frighten the bugs away !  
 The 1st group on the boat
Before we suit up with life jacket, we could see group of foreign tourist from Euro and Japan already taken their tour around the Fireflies Park and look quite happy indeed. As we enter the boat and the boatman start to row slowly toward nearest mangrove trees where the fireflies lives . We could actually see dot of greenish light doting the place.Nevertheless we could hardly take any picture of the exclusive firefly even thou the boatman place the bugs on my hands. Frustrated, I whip out my Desire phone and Ta-Da I managed to capture fireflies in action !  We basically row from one mangrove trees to another and the boatman keep putting the bugs on my hands as the rest of MySelangorStory try in vain to capture it using DLSR and point and shot camera XD 
Wen look mesmerized by the fireflies
After the tour ended , we taken into nearby mini theater where Mr. Zulkifly Bin Samad  from Kuala Selangor District Council gives provide us a brief documentary about the "FireFlies Park" and bit of history regarding the origins of the FireFlies,on how they glow and using it to attract mates and the importance of the park and fireflies since it a fragile and delicate eco system.  
Before we head back to our foster home, we went for a supper at Satay Hut located at Tanjung Karang. Wait! U guys hear of Pizza Hut but never heard of Satay Hut? Then u wouldn't know what u missing out until taste their super-sized of XL version satay (RM1.10 per piece only). I doubt we could find anything similar at Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya! We ate till we could hardly moved and pack the rest up for later consumption.There even a foursquare location for this outlet too, guess I need to make frequent Satay trip to Kuala Selangor if I wan grab mayorship XD 
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