Sunday, October 3, 2010

MySelangorStory: Day 5 Finale Part 2

Earlier before we have our lunch , we given the entry ticket for all park at Sunway Lagoon (JUMPS LIKE SMALL KIDS!) which normally cost around Rm100 for entrance fees. Note: This excluding the Rm10 Deposit for wristband tag which is refundable upon return before 7 pm . Alright then, the Sunway Lagoon parks consist of Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park,Extreme Park and Scream Park . With the limited time given we try to explore and have fun because we going to Haven Lookout Point around 6 pm . Thanks to Denise sunblock , we got ourselves some protection from the fierce sunlight!

We head straight to Wild Wild West section and took the Grand Canyon River Rapid ride 1st then the Colarado Splash Coaster rides (nearly scream off my lungs there) before the rest took the Tiger Adventure rides . Not satisfied with rides, we banded together and braves our self for Scream Park! It was indeed scary experiences and not for the weak heart! Next in line was the 360 Pirate's Revenge  and Tomahawk rides. It was quite fun indeed to watch the MySelangorStory blogger screaming like kids after being turn upside down XD      

We notice that we have few good hours left and split off  to explore the sunway lagoon in small group However it was quite bit pale in comparison as what Tian Chad plan to do next! He did the bungee jump from the middle of Pedestrian Suspension Bridge before joining Tristhan later in the Catapult rides! OMYGOSH! Guess we are one crazy bunch of blogger and nothing in the world could stop us from having fun that day!If u want to see them in action , Just Click This Link!

At last, everything must come to the end as day slowly turn to night and we quickly get ready for the farewell dinner at Haven Restaurant (MySelangorStory Offiical Restaurant)  later on. Well it was a very long rides using the bus from Sunway toward Bukit Langat as it was Monday and worst , it was raining heavily throwout Klang Valley . It was gridlock jam as we could hardly moved at one time. I even foursquare bout the jam in middle of traffic light.Almost tempted to buy McD value meal at nearby McDonald restaurant using Feeq laptop but lucky for us we managed to  move although bit late and lightly drench in water. Luckily  for us,Haven Restaurant decided to pick us using their van or else we having a wet dinner instead XD.
Haven Restaurant indeed given us a VIP welcoming party and with entire staff happily greeting us as we enter the restaurant. We are amazed at the breathtaking view of the restaurant  as it was virtually facing the KL city center and quite see surprised to see the Petronas Tower from where we are seated. Indeed, its worthy of its nickname "Little Genting" as it rather short 20 minutes drives from KL city provides there no jam . It was indeed perfect place to have romantic diner for couples or friend or family. Just the view is more than enough to take your breath away! Anyway with rather awesome ray display of appetizer including lobster caught our attention( or our growling stomach attention) .We quickly settled in our seat and start ordering our main diner course plus (another good news) unlimited drink for us ( ^ ^ )  Okay let see now, we got  Haven's Special BBQ Beef Back Ribs (Gotta be biggest  I ever seen) ,Grilled Norwegian Salmon , Haven's Grilled Special Grill Chicken Chop, Haven's Vegetarian Delight , Tom Yam Fried Rice With Shrimp and Sisha (Upon Request) 
With a quick welcoming speech from Haven Restaurant ,Managing Partner Mr. Anatharaj Appanan and later Amelia brief speech thanking us, the MySelangorStory blogger for awesome attitude and making the MySelangor Story a successful program indeed. While we wait for the food the be served. Haven Restaurant even invited a singer to sing for us thus lifting the atmosphere at that particular night! I even recorded the song  just for for u guys to listen !
After finishing our diner , we waste no time at all to take as many picture we can to commemorate the event  and perhaps to mark the special occasion in our heart and minds as long we live.Not only that! We got Kak Ning, Amelia and WenYi to sing song for us (^ ^)! Before the we board our bus back to sunway, we are all given a goodies bag containing mooncake and enjoy a leisure stroll down from Haven Restaurant to lower ground. Overall, Thank you! Haven Restaurant for making our experiences a fantastic one for all of us ! Well, this end my MySelangorStory: Day 5 Finale Part 2 as we going to head back to our home tomorrow morning! 
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sy said...

Cool Awesome Post as always ! ;)

Everyone's feeeeeelllllliiiinnnnggg soooooo happy :D

And haven rocks !

Spectre said...

SY:Thanks for ur comment XD safe trip to japan !

The Wanderer said...

Aiya you did blog about the atv! You missed that out :P Salute you for going to those 360 rides. Aaaaahhh

Spectre said...

wanderer: ya but I didn't went to atv thats why I got the pix XD