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MySelangorStory: Day 3 "The Temple and WaterFall"

Poor Kak Ning Clothes Got Burn 
 Nicole attempting to ask Wenyi XD 
It's  good to start the day with hearty meal and fire under your belly . But, in this cases, it went bit wild . When we are gathering at Level 28, First World Lounge (Note: it only for Member only) for our breakfast . WenYi cause a quite a stir around when she unintentionally cause the burning candle to fall on the ground while trying to get some pancake. The end result was Kak Ning which is standing nearby got hit by burning wax and cause her clothes to burn out a large hole. Luckily both of them are unhurt and just need a new change of clothes before we check out of Resort World Genting. Afterward , after small farewell gathering with Resort World Genting staff . We head off to Chin Swee Temple which located nearby.
 Blogger camwhore session
According to Kak Ning , during the construction of the resort the Late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and his worker couldn't not find their way out of the thick forest surrounding the highland that time . While asleep in cave, he dream of deity asking him to construct a temple there. Thus ,Chin Swee Caves Temple are created and it took around 18 years to built it because everything is done manually from nothing.  Today it stand as a important icon and drawing horde of visitor at World Genting Resort . It indeed a breathtaking view as we gaze on the temple and statue doting the area even thou for short hour .For more information , head for the temple official websites.
 The Statue of Late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong
Next stop according to our MySelangorStory Itinerary are Hutan Lipur Kanching (also known as Kanching Recreational Forests) which is situated at Rawang , 40 km north of Kuala Lumpur . By time we reach there it already afternoon and we waste no time at all to explore the Waterfalls and surrounding area. It's a forest reserve but open to general public thus attracting lotsa foreign tourist especially Middle Eastern tourist. We even saw a foreign couple carrying a bag of food stuff got hijacked by the local munkey aka the permanent resident of the Kanching Waterfalls .


Before we start hiking up the trail leading up to the waterfalls, we where given simple briefing by Mr.Haffez from Tourism Selangor  .DON'T FEED THE MONKEY !  Of course, the monkey see, monkey do and they do not follow any rules and ready grab any food at any slight opportunity! So be warned!    

As we slowing approach the top of the waterfall , we took opportunity to wade on the cool and chilling waterfall  stream and pond . Been surrounded by thick lush jungle vegetation makes we completely  feel refresh as if we in deep tropical jungle  area even thou we are not that far away from Kuala Lumpur. As other trying to take lotsa pix there, I seize opportunity to record of short video one of many waterfall there!  

Before ending the tour , we treated to simple lunch (KFC) at middle of the Kanching Recreational Forests under the watchful eyes of the troop of monkey. Just waiting and gazing from their trees . The good news that Nicole decided to be the munkey slayer after one of munkey becomes bold and seize small portion of the food from the Tourism Selangor team. Thanks Nicole (Note: She using a newspaper as to scare off any munkey coming nearby and no munkey were actually hurt during our tour XD )     

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