Friday, October 1, 2010

MySelangorStory: Day 3 "HomeStay"

A Colorful Reception by Kampung Dorani Homestay Folks
Okay!  I got a confession to make! I never been to any kampung in my life before, see the padi fields up close and personal within few steps and perhaps walk on dirt road or perhaps gaze upon sun rise during wee morning. It really quite impossible to do this thing if u living at the city. However when we went learn we going for home-stay program at Kampung Dorani, we were super excited ! Although we took like few hour to reach there from Kanching Waterfalls . It's was most valuable experiences for me and the rest of MySelangorStory blogger as we going to stay with a foster family.

A bit info on Sungai Haji Dorani Home-stay , it comprises of four villages ,mostly ethnic Javanese population with their own unique cultural performances of Kuda kepang, Baroangan ( a half dog + tiger mystical creature),gamelan and kampong jawa . Their food and custom also reflection of Javanese descent. I could see lotsa activities under their home-stay program from flying traditional kites, wau  and making them, planting padi seed and harvesting,participate in batik painting or catching fish the kampong style . Apart from that, they are involve in providing motivational program for local IPTA, school ,company and etc. Sadly since we are only staying for tonight , we could not participate in any of their program.


After the cultural performance (Kuda Kepang Blogger and Berongan) ended . The organizer did a roll call to place us with respective foster family .Me and Fadli ,Victor, and Eyriqazz are placed together with Mr.Muhammed Tohid Bin Rosdi .Quite a cheerful person indeed as he and his family welcome us with open arms.Upon arriving, we are placed into 2 newly built room adjacent to his house and have small conversation with regarding the history of the kampung, the foreign visitor and their antic during their stay with him . After awhile, we took quick shower and have simple traditional kampung dinner .Got to be most delicious yet simple kampung meal I ever taste or have in my lifetime.  

After spending a night with them, I could see why many people are clamoring to join the home-stay program.  The fresh air, the kampung atmosphere plus warm hospitality from the kampung folks  to makes our stay as comfortable as possible. I could even see the sunrise and sunset from his home.Their simple and laid back lifestyle are complete 360 degrees opposite of jet setting and super-fast pace lifestyle at the city. Perhaps that was the greatest draw for anyone as far  from Japan to Sweden to stay with them even thou for short few days only. Thank you!  Mr.Muhammed Tohid Bin Rosdi for making our stay indeed memorable one. Perhaps one day we would return and join the home stay program and stay there for longer duration !

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The Wanderer said...

Wah your foster family has rabbits! :) So cute! Is that fish wrapped with banana leaf? That looked huge.

It's definitely the cool breeze indeed :)

WenYi said...

wah...rabbits!! me like~ me and dania's family didnt have rabbits!!

and you've got so many of my pics..gonna grab them!! *evil laugh*

Spectre said...

Wanderer: it kinda hobby for them and the fish is quite tasty indeed!

Wenyi: Take all lah ! ><

Eyriqazz said...

it was really a great day staying in it and will go visit homestay again in the future..thanks myselangorstory ,haji dorani homestay, and tourism selangor

Spectre said...

eyriqazz: thank to amelia hard work and MSS sponsor , we could have a taste of kampung life even thou a short one XD