Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MySelangorStory: Day ONE "Airborne"

Starting Point :Skypark Terminal
MySelangorStory Tour just ended on last monday night and it has been a wonderful 6days/5Night and rewarding experiences all the way long as I start explore the state of Selangor in different light and in depth.Plus a with a group of 30 odd blogger . Things could not getting better that this ....... A journey ALWAYS begin a single step and I will do my best to fill u guys in on the things that happen during the trips.
Me, Dylan and Jacquelyn decided to gathered at KL Sentral before taking the Rapid KL bus toward Skypark Terminal. Upon arrival at Kapitan Kopitiam and  I was fortunately enough  to meet lotsa familar face and new blogger like wenyi .Guess everyone is quite thrill and full with joy bout the whole MySelangorStory tour.  Beside bloggers from all over malaysia ,the MySelangor tory tour are joined by Indonesian based blogger , Alid , Citra Rahman, Fadli Idris, and Kemal also Singaporean blogger, where they are specially flown in and given VIP status by our official airline sponsor, FireFly. Thanks you for for taking good care of them thru out the journey ! I'm hopeful one day I will able to travel using your airline!  

Welcoming speech by Raja Sa'adi, Firefly Head of PR and Marketing

After simple yet mouth watering luncheon thanks to Kapitiam Kopitiam , we quickly ushered to our bus which going to our offical MySelangorStory bus thru out the journey and plus a bonus side we got friendly and hyper active Kak Nin as our tour guide filling our thought the story about Shah Alam  history ,people and building as we head toward our 1st accommodation at Carlton Hotel , Shah Alam . Upon arrival , we are assigned a fellow blogger as roommates ( for me I have the entire room for myself *wakakkaa*) 
Before heading out to I-City , we were given special briefing by Mdm Rissa Chan, Executive Director DSC World Sdn Bhd the official camera sponsor of MySelangorStory where few selected blogger are selected to use Pentax DLSR model and for myself , I was given the Pentax Optio WS80 model .Perfect for capturing water moment since it's water proof . I have a hunch we going to have lotsa water fill moment soon ! Next , the Tourism Selangor team have simple briefing with us  in order to familiarize us with TVSelangor crew recording our antic (Weee that's mean #MSS blogger going to be air live on tv! ) as  they going to accompany us throughout the tour.  

I-City ,it kinda hard to miss the place especially at night  if the entire place turn into a big giant of city of light thus attracting horde of folk living around Selangor and beyond at night . We were given briefing by the I-City management bout its history,plan , layout and very interesting story bout the light bulb which is the precursor to the I-City concept . Quite fascinating indeed as there is free internet entire I-City access using wifi connection. Guess it would a perfect place for blogger like me to live, work and play too and IT based company with awesome incentive's given . Anyways, for us, the I-City folks are giving us special VIP treatment tonight by having steamboat session at middle of the park thus attracting curious looker as the day turn to night . I and the rest of MySelangorStory  blogger are having a blast of our time as we mingle together and gaze upon the beautiful light attraction doting the I-City before touring the entire place for lotsa camwhore pix!

Almost 11 pm , we continue our journey toward Uptown located at section 24, Shah Alam.It quite fun and interesting to watch local folks continue to shop as usual for affordable product, services  and dine even thou is already near midnight and I have been informed it operated from 7 pm to 3 am daily (Mon to Sat)  to cater to working folks . 1st glance, Selangor state has lotsa to offer to everyone even during midnight  as  it  work around the clock 24/7. However that the limelight of the Uptown tour as Amelia our organizer managed to surprised us with her awesome singing skill . Check the video out below ! Thus this end our 1st day of the tour!



Amelia in Action! *thank to tristhan*

Before retiring to our comfy bed , we were given the wiggy from P1 (Official Broadband Provider) for MySelangorStory so we can blog,twit and facebook on the go!

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Zhi Yu Lee a.k.a. Victor said...

Hey, Spectre, love your videos man ^^

WenYi said...

haha, you uploaded quite a lot of videos for 1 post wor >.<

zara aluwi said...

Nice pic taken and the video too. Good luck dear.

Spectre said...

victor: thx for your comment

Wenyi: I only upload one , second one hijack from tristhan

zara: terima kasih!

Thristhan said...

Wow, you got videos already, Mine not edited yet :). Nice write up bro. Will vote for you.