Thursday, September 30, 2010

MySelangorStory: Day 2 A Dazzle Genting Journey

Group Photo Session
 Welcoming speech from Dato Anthony Yeo, Senior Vice President of PR & Communications Genting Malaysia Berhad.


After the tour of Royal Selangor ended , we are quickly transported to Resort World Genting (Offical Resort for MySelangorStory) at FIRST WORLD HOTEL lobby to meet up with YB Elizabeth Wong, Selangor’s EXCO for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment to have fantastic lunch together . She is responsible for bringing up the idea and gaining the support for the MySelangorStory to help promote Selangor to the public using power of social media . I could say I'm proud the be one of 30 top blogger to help promote Selangor tourism thru my blog . Once  the YB arrived and took a simple photo session with us . We were quickly usher together to Coffee Terrace and receive warm and awesome reception from the staff there . To keep things simple, Genting is one the top sponsor for MySelangorStory sponsoring up to RM25,000 worth of prizes ! OMYGOSH that lotsa prizes!      

The Menu
Soup Kambing Grilled Chicken and Beef Satay ,Sayur Lodeh, Lamb Masal, Chicken Tandoori, Venison Italian Stew, Kong Po Squid, Deep Fried Beancurd Thai Chilli Sauce & Stir Fried Assam Fish
During the goodies bag ceremony , Genting Resort World announced that that they giving away RM100 prepaid Holiday Card and 10000 World Points(WP) worth RM 100 in the World Card, where we could redeem for services and product ! SUPER AWESOME ! Not only that, we got some voucher to spend and free passes to nearly all indoor and outdoor park ride while we are there and saved later for future holiday at Genting! Before me the rest check into our hotel room  we are given tour about Tan Sri (DR.) Lim Goh Tong background and how he founded Resort World Genting in the first place by Mr. Philip. Interesting details indeed plus we could browse around The Visitors Galleria for picture afterward.   Quick note: Genting located somewhere between the border of Selangor and Pahang so it making a very unique holiday resort since it paying taxes to both states .

We given our private room aka SUPERIOR DELUXE ROOM for myself WOAH ! and plus to top it up , free welcoming drink at "The Patio ". Managed to meet to meet up with the rest of blogger here and walking left and right to all over the place before deciding to go out for outdoor park to make full us of our free pass .The 1st ride and only ride for me was the Cyclone with Wenyi, Feeq, Jac. Guess we scream alot for 30 second  XD  Afterward , they decided on taking on Spinner! Quite fun indeed to watch them being flung way round and round . Probably safest rides judging quite number of kids taking same rides . As day turn to night, Wen Yi and Jing Yi decided to take the Corkscrew ride as the outdoor park is closing soon .   
 The Mooncake festival atmosphere


We have easy and free dinner at the Hou Mei Restauran using the credit given before we gathered around for the Dazzle show which a recommended *MUST SEE* night show by Genting Resort World .  Kicking off the show is the award winning "Ernesto Planas" magician that vowed the audience and me very close and personal using my sandals as prop for his disappearing act . I"m still in shock on how he keep my sandal M.I.A despite conducting brief body search (R.O.L.F) Guess everyone have a good laugh that time . Then we have "Unbelievable Sculpture" by Jerome Murat , "Astonishing Shadows" by Sonna Fontana , "Presto Quick Change" by Duo Presto , and also 14 hot dancer in sexy outfit to keep audience occupied thru out the show .This gotta one major highlight of MySelangorStory experience for me and rest of the blogger . Thanks again to MySelangorStory and Genting World Berhad !  

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