Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm in the myselangorstory contest!

 Keep counting voting for me yah!

Alright i am among top 30 blogger , so that mean i going to tour the state of Selangor soon . However, that not the end of the contest . Me and the rest 30 odd blogger  from all around Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia will enjoy Selangor's cultural diversity and rich vibrant history all  thanks to Selangor tourism plus updating constantly to tell u guys about our personal experiences. PS: I can 't wait to meet the rest of the guys soon!
Travel Period 23th – 28th September 2010 (Stage 2)
  • Tourism Selangor will arrange for the entire tour itinerary, including return flights, meals and lodging. Miscellaneous expenses will be borne by individual participants.
  • The 30 selected bloggers will be flown in to Selangor for a 6 day/5 night tour of Selangor from 23th – 28th September 2010.
  • During this period, participants will be required to produce a video (up to 3mins) of each day’s activities and upload it every evening together with a travelogue of the activities on to the Tourism Selangor website with a link to YouTube.
  • The videos/stories must be produced based on the requirements of Tourism Selangor and be saved as an audio-visual file, with the copyright co-owned by Tourism Selangor, Sponsors/Partners and the entrants.
  • Upon completing the itineraries in Selangor, with the required videos and stories uploaded, participants will be awarded with a per diem provided by the organizer and sponsors.

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JAI said...

Wahh..gud luck bro..menang teh tarik 5 cawan...besarrrr punyaaa..ahaks