Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My C4 Short Story as Blogger (so far)

Life is full of puzzle and up and down. I was constant seeking and looking for venue to express myself. Around 2 years ago, I stumbled upon the blogspot.com , blogging world and blogger. Although a blog mirror a diary in a way. I was amazed,awe to a point and shocked by blogger that able to travel half across the blog and able to retold the story on their own personal blog and getting lot'sa feedback from stranger all around the world . Not only that, I managed to break out from my current social circles, plus make new set of friend from the blogging community. We actively twit, facebook and keep us each other busy with notification or re-tweet each other or gang up to join blogger based contest  on regular basis with hilarious result and unforgettable experiences.

From that day onward,  my blog spectreoutreach.blogspot.com has evolved from personal blog to something  awesome tool of communication . Little by little, I slowly built my confidence  as a blogger.As I constant explore the world surrounding me  and  blogging about it on constant basis  like  attending blogger event held by local social company , social outing with new blogger i meet over twitter or facebook, getting soaked wet at concert and getting robbed while waiting for bus. Safe to say, it well chronicled inside my blog to serve a valuable experiences for myself  as i grew old in time and laugh at XD
Till today ,blogging has kinda fill my life with lot'sa adrenaline rush . It allow me to express my thought, feeling, action in one single button. "PUBLISH !" and "Presto" My story is online on the world wide web and can be scrutinized by any tom,dick and harry and sometimes bombarded by unsavory comment and link too.But, I guess it just part of ups and downs as blogger right? XD ..... Guess It's time for me to pimp up my personal  experiences and seek fresh new adventure thru My Selangor Story Contest  *to be continue*

I fully geared up and ready for action!

PS : Guys feel free to vote for me by clicking the link given or the  " My SelangorStory "banner on the left .This is a post created by me for *MySelangorStory Blogging Contest*


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Bro, ur video are private, I am not sure if the organizer would able to watch your video too ar

Alison said...

can't view the video too

Spectre said...

TC & alison :Video fixed oledi!