Saturday, August 14, 2010

My 1st Nuffnang Sharing Session: Modesto

Well, since joining nuffnang. I been thru many of their activities  like movie screening,outing, games and latest ,Nuffnang Sharing Session which is held at Modesto's, CapSquare, Kuala Lumpur. (the same time as PC Fair ) It can be consider a yummy~licious experiences to say coz the food is great, the company is awesome, and correct ambiance. U got happy blogger outing on weekend/. Really eye opening experience foir me vuz i able meet new blogger and  strengthen  my ties with blogger i personally know from nuffnang based community

Started with finger food like  Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls ,Italian Tomato Bruchettas and Mediterranean Olives Bruschetta before the main course arrived London Style Crispy Duck served with plum sauce, chilli oil and won ton skinsto to be wrap like tortilla ,Pizza Margherita with tomatoes, cheese and fresh basil, Pizza Tonno Funghi with Tomatoes, Tuna and Mushrooms, Itallian Beef Carpaccio served with parmeson cheese shavings and olive oil, Ravioli with Mushrooms cooked with fresh cream and truffle oil, Unguini Modesto, a seafood pasta cooked in foil,Pan Fried Salmon Steak served with red and pink peppercorn and finished with cream and Lamb Shank Roasted With Red Wine and Herbs 



For desert , Tiramisu Modesto's , Panna Cotta Alle Noci E MieleTortino Al Cioccolato Con Gelato Alla Vaniglia (simply known as (Creamy pudding with walnut, drenched with honey), molten chocolate, or either chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream). Modesto indeed did not waste any time by giving their best service and explaining their signature dish during nuffnang sharing session . Indeed, this is beyond my expectation coz I was expecting no frill event .Anyway, hope to join more nuffnang sharing session in the near future.


ken said...

i hope to participate one day =)

Spectre said...

ken: U will

Aidi-Safuan said...

why no picture of justin bieber? i heard he joined this sharing session. :P