Thursday, July 1, 2010

Urbanscape 2010


Back from one greatest event ever held in Klang Valley ....... Oh Boy! It was indeed marvelous from the start. Yes ! I'm speaking bout KLUE URBANSCAPES (2010) aka The City All Day Creative Arts Festival. Armed with free passes thanks to tongue in chic  with free rides thanks to Jackie plus Cayenne as companion. Thing look bright ,sunny *and very hot* upon arrival . Managed to brush up with dude and gals  which was involving in *Angkat Rumah* project  earlier while near the guard house . Judging from the almost full car park,it safe to say the entire folk in and outside KL /PJ area are gatecrashing the Urbanscape in drove...... (Note: upon going back , the entire road from the entrance of KLPAC are lining up with car *GOSH*)  thus creating some sort of mini jam in KL PAC area. (IMAO)   


Managed to meet up with Alex, Xiang , Eve , Suresh , Xiao Pei, Dusty ,bboyrice during the event . Participate in interesting event like Olympic Pen walkabout where I and nearly 20 odds folk managed to test run the Olympus pen by Our-self  plus we also stand to win a one exclusive Olympus leather camera satchel worth RM300 if our photo is selected by judge and crowd . Last I check , Cayenne is gaining lotsa star *those stick on star thingy* on her photos. Now, Just take a look on the photo .......

Btw, before the walkout start cayenne managed to bling her camera *Half of it anyway during DIY Session with Cheesy (from Cheeserland). As for shopping , I managed to nang 2 tee shirt and some "I love PJ " badges from Klue booth. Although the food and drink are bit pricey on the wallet but hey, I'm not complaining. Overall, It was One Heck AWESOME EVENT of the year.......................    



PS: I'm looking forward to next year Urbanscape !  

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