Sunday, July 18, 2010


Friday....... Time to hit the same fast food chain again. Maybe not (for me at lest) .Thanks to Henry, I was among group of blogger that got invited by THE MANHATTAN FISH MARKET for a food preview for their current promotion menu, Rush Hour@Manhattan.. Located at E- Curve, Mutiara Damasara ,  THE MANHATTAN FISH MARKET really stood up with their signature signboard "Manhattan's best kept sea-cret" as my eyes are fixed on their unique decoration thru out the outlet.

Their latest promo menu consist of  Wrap N Roll@ Tuna Flakes wrapped in tortilla with fresh veggie plus Manhattan Flaming Sauce with side of chips (RM 14.90), Flakin' Fun in the Garden @Yummy tuna flakes served with fresh greens with Caesar Chutney or Cajun Honey Mustard Dressing (RM 13.90), Shrimp My Pasta@Sauteed Shrimps in spaghetti in light garlic ,coriander and olive oil sauce dusted with zesty chilli flakes (RM 16.90). Flamin'Tuna Pie@ A hearty pie made of chunky tuna bits,packed with sauteed veggies,topped with creamy mozzarella and flamed (RM15.90) *right before your eyes, refer to my video below* and Citrus Mint@Crushed Ice in refreshing lemon juice with a dash of cool mint (RM6.90).   

Let's get started with Shrimp My Pasta..... it can be tenny ~wenny spicy on those who unable to stomach spicy food but one thing I loved bout it, the freshness and large size shrimp could left any folks *like me* that adores sea food wavering for more and more. The only catch . Eat it while still warm and hot-liccious.   

Wrap N Roll *be warned* at simple glance, it looks light in term of size but in reality, it can turn on your big appetite for more and more and more till u drop.............  . Just take a look below at my fellow blogger, Henry and Jiayeen. Wrap N Roll managed to caught their attention faster than triggering the DLSR "capture" button Perfect for those opting simple and quick lunch during hectic workload schedule. 

Sweat and Sour. The purr-fect word to the describe Flakin' Fun in the Garden as I dip Caesar Chutney and Cajun Honey Mustard Dressing into my plate of veggies, very intriguing meal for those  who wants something out of extraordinary than usual normal salad meal fare .  

The Flamin'Tuna Pie is indeed most eye catching of all as the MANHATTAN FISH MARKET staff flame the Flamin'Tuna Pie right in front of our eyes into crispy within second. The result. A hot, and sizzling Flamin'Tuna Pie ready to be served to a bunch of hungry bloggers. Woah........As I took the 1st bite, I could feel the hot delicious tuna bits melting inside my mouth  .......... yummmmy-lioussss indeed ! ^ ^ !

A good meal always require a good drinks as saying goes by .Citrus Mint , Try to imaging it as very high end teh~ o~ ais limau version and in green color instead of normal yellow version. It really a soothing drink till the point we are asking for seconds . I could feel we gain few pound as we indulging into the mouth~watering meal  and as the PR folk from Go Comms. Sdn Bhd and reps from MFM Restaurant Sdn Bhd. provided us with detailed  bout Rush Hour@Manhattan  and answering question that arises from us.

As our food preview near toward the end, we are served with delicious-looking chocolate dessert . I thou was already full from the food from Rush Hour@Manhattan  but clearly the dessert is too mouth watering  and tempting even for us as I dig in for another last  round.

Managed to took group photo soon with the peeps before heading back. Btw , THE MANHATTAN FISH MARKET is offering take-away-friendly services where u just need to call nearest outlet and place your order before collecting yourself thus saving lotsa time and hustle especially during lunch hour. Special thank again to Go Comms Sdn Bhd and MFM Restaurant Sdn Bhd. for organizing this food preview and their warm hospitably .  

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MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Ohhh...MFM~ Last 5 years, this is the 1st place XeRoZ brought me for a date. LOL!

Spectre said...

Nicole: good now both of u can go there again for Flamin pie !

-JayLeo™- said...

nice one dude ! lookin fwd 2 d nxt one if possible

Spectre said...

Jay:hope so