Monday, July 26, 2010

My 30 minutes at Delicious !

Delicious ! Yes is something related to food  coz it really a chain of restaurant in life . Anyway with the voucher I won from Suanie, I head off to Delicious outlet located At Ground Floor , just opposite Starbucks outlet and a stone away from the Garden. With al-fresco setting, I was quite impressive with the whole set up. The big question running on my mind , will the food they serve will live out to its namesake ? Hmmmmmm.

I quickly order a plate of Banana Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce & Vanila Ice Cream as I was planning to attend the Malaysia International Toy Fair afterward. But I was surprised when the dessert arrived cuz it really mouth watering delicious to look at 1st glance.................

When the hot Butterscotch Sauce is pour onto Banana Pudding , it really help bring out the freshness of the pudding as it melt inside my mouth and at the same time i could chill down abit with  a scoop of Vanila Ice Cream. Overall it's a wonderful 30 minutes experiences............ Maybe i should do proper food review on  Delicious near future.... 

My half eaten Banana Pudding!
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