Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well this not the kind of thing I want to put on my blog but here goes....................................... Like every early morning (on working days) , I usually took the public transport to my work place however yesterday was the bad and ugly situation. "I GOT ROBBED !" As I was waiting patiently, a group of youth driving kapchai (local cheap beat-up motorcycle version) zoom past me against the quiet street . Later , I noticed one of them took a glances at me and later , I could hear they are making U-turn at the traffic light. * My Instinct sense something bad is going happen soon and I was right. Within one minutes or more, they head toward the small road lane behind the bus stop where I was seated and charged toward me and other waiting passengers.

2 youth (one of them armed with sharp weapon aka saw)  surrounded me while the other arm with long thingy surrounded the other waiting bus passenger. Their intent is clear .They demanded  me and the passenger to give out our belongings or else............................or *I could end being up slash up or worst ,tomorrow newspaper headline as corpse* . The other unarmed youth  just coolly took my small black bag  while his armed members of his stood guard. As much I wanted to whack them with my fist,"Discretion is better part of valor."

They quickly took away our belonging and sped off  with their waiting member leaving us in shock , momentary. I quickly rallied the other passenger (both of us is unharmed) and head off for nearest police station. Upon arrival , we quickly lodged a police report while the officer on duty quickly contact their police patrol counterpart to capture them. Now, The good news. I was surprised when their police patrol return with 2 of suspect within 30 minutes and plus, the other passenger belongings. After that, I and the other passenger spend around 6 hours at the state police station to record our statement  with police officer in charged of our case before going back to our homes.Fell sound asleep upon reaching my bed...............

From this unfortunate incident, I learn that crime can happen anywhere,anytime and to anyone. But, my  faith  is restored (due to series of bad incident highlighted by the media) and proud of our Royal Malaysia Police Force despite enduring long working hour with limited resources and manpower . They  uphold their duty,perform efficiently and admirably in my case here.

PS: The incident took place nearby where our PM having tea tarik break a day earlier.
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