Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

It's has been like 10 years ago since I watch the Toy Story on the cinema. Guess what? Nuffnang is offering opportunities to Nuffnanger (Glitterati bloggers Only) like me ,per se to watch albeit bit earlier than other folk before its release date in Malaysia. "You certainly do not want to miss out on Toy Story 3, especially if it’s in 3D". 

 Yea! The Entire Toy Story cast is back! 

However in this installment, there going to be a lot new toys to be featured and I'm rooting on few to be my favorite toys. Could it be the charming Ken aka Barbie Partner?  What about the cute Peas-in-a-Pod or even Mr Pricklepants.

But wait, there more new character around and here is my most favorite new  Toy Story character around like CHUNK ,SPARKS, BOOKWORM, STRETCH . YAH! I couldn't wait to see these guys in action along Woody and BuzzLight Year. To Infinity and Beyond

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