Monday, April 19, 2010

SPAMMER ALERT ! I'm getting Fed Up!

OMG! NOT AGAIN! I lost track of how many spam linking to phishing site end up on e-mail inbox.

Dear Customer,

We are sorry for the incontinence at the moment we are currently taking a schedule maintenance on our customers account,

Also to make sure that every internet banking transaction either on internet or on ATM are well protected,

Do to this notice please kindly take a security steps of an SMS authentication or TAC to complete and verify your access on our provided link below (link Disabled)

SCAM SITES! Almost the same with exception of link and content

Getting Fed up coz I being  receiving lotsa e-mail from these so called *bank* to log in using my original name and password on daily basis to siphon off  ALL MY HARD EARN $$$  -.-!  For those who still noob to internet banking and this type of scam sites,  read this article I got from The Star today :-

Original Maybank Log in Sites

Managed to provide the phishing site to Maybank before more unlucky folk fall prey to this site. Hopefully ....... Great another phishing e-mail , pressing the delete button again!  

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