Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

As the old mantra say,” Time is gold”.  If U r anything like Niki Cheong (the 1st featured blogger of Project Alpha ,season 2) or perhaps seasonal frequent traveler to seven corner of the planet . Then being highly "Mobile" . "Anything"." Anywhere ". "There" and "Now" set u apart from other. Today, It is no longer a mere luxuries but a vital and important part feature of yourself  (if u r blogger or busy executive or  businessman negotiating multimillion deal) since U are in the move constantly  24/7 either to attending big event , cat napping while in transit to Tokyo  or mere casual chat with loved one back home. The big question what and where can U do to plug this Missing link or Need for reliable internet connection.

Unless U R prepared to spend vital time ,high and low, left and right in searching WIFI enabled area plus might jostling  around for best internet signal. Then Wiggy from P1 Wimax might be best choice for u guys blogger out there coz now u can blog, chat, surf and play games on the go without anymore worries. Time to put all your worries or boredom  away for  good. Problem solved. ^^
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Aidi-Safuan said...

nice entry!

good luck~

san ling said...

Finally, a kindred spirit...visit me at

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sanling: sure