Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached


Having problem and *headache* selecting the perfect ISP since currently the entire market if flooded with them. Lucky for me and u coz P1 Wimax is offering No Strings Attached Plan that comes with  Free Modem. No Contract. No Restriction. Really?  No restriction, the 1st thing that comes thru my main mind. No Contract. The main word that managed to caught my attention coz all internet service provider in Malaysia have those Term and condition that usually one sided where consumer are heavily penalized if they decided to cut off their services . However from the Q & A  section found in the P1 wimax site , I found that:-

Q: What is meant by “No Contract”?
A: Customers are not bound by any contract. The customer may decide to terminate the service at any time by giving P1 30 days’ notice. There is no penalty fee to end this service.

Q: Do I need to return the rental modem when I decide to terminate the service?
A: Yes, the modem is on rental basis which means that the modem is the sole property of P1. When the customer decides to terminate the service, the customer needs to return the modem at P1’s designated collection locations. The customer will receive RM50 Modem return rebate for returning the modem to P1.

Q: Is the 7-day Cooling Off Period applicable to these plans?
A: Yes, the 7-day Cooling Off Period is applicable. Within 7 days from the registration, customers can decide to terminate the service and return the rented modem. P1 will refund the full upfront RM100 payment back to customer.

Q: What is the modem rental?
A: Under this plan, the WIGGY modem is provided for customers to use on a rental basis. The rental fee is FREE at this moment.
Quite flexible indeed cuz I can terminate the contract anytime if I don't like it and not getting penalized.At Least from my point of view , So head now to P1 wimax websites now for NO STRINGS ATTACHED plan.

Additional INFO

*Activation Fee is only applicable to W1GGY 59 plan.
• Speeds are on “Best Effort” Basis.
• Get RM 50 rebate when the modem is returned upon service termination.
• Modem is on rental basis and its warranty is fully covered during the entire duration of service subscription.
• Non-Malaysian Deposit: RM 500 (Upfront Payment)
• Terms and conditions apply.

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