Monday, April 19, 2010

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Last week , I and at 500 plus Nuffnang based blogger plus score of guest attended  a massive Street Fair Organized by Gatsby & Nuffnang! No kidding. At same time Gatsby is promoting the newly launched Double Protection Deodorant Series to over 500 bloggers, has been certified as the largest blogger gathering in Malaysia according to the Malaysia Book of Records. ^^ !

Jayleo & krazy Gal posing 

Henry from

Meeting new blogger!

Before registration booth is open,  I managed to mingle around and meet lotsa new blogger that day. Look like the entire nuffnang blogger are descending on BTS just to attend  the event. Just take a look at the massive crowd at 10 pm waiting in line.  

At the event, at least 40 game booths were set up to provide bloggers a like me for a  chance to win reward coupons which could be redeemed for Gatsby products. ^^ !

Jackie from

Wen Pink minus the pink shirt

Henry aka CleverMonkey

The games might look basic and no thrills type but hey I'm NOT complaining. I and the 500 + blogger are having blast of out of our life and ton of fun despise the hot weather and packed crowd. 

Gladiator aka krazy girl  vs Clever Monkey

Crazygal pose bef climbing !

Group photo session inside the artificial thingy 

The 1st Group photo session featuring everyone. Ok maybe not everyone coz the photographer are not included . Still close enough I don't recall Nuffnang  have ever organize the event at this grand scale before. ^^!  

Before the 1st freebies call out at 2.30 pm , I and few dozen blogger managed to grab a simple lunch break at Old town outlet  inside BTS . Spotted Timothy and Audrey just few table apart having lunch there at same time.Apart from that ,Krazy girl have minor freaky accident with her newly bought scoop (KENDO ) ice-cream fell down toward the floor. Luckily the boss was there and managed to give out a new scoop to her as replacement.

A small break while waiting for 2nd shout out for freebies . Just take a look on the prize ! ^^ blackberry, Wii *yes It;s Nintendo Wii) ,camera and etc . Hoping to win some prize but alas luck was not on my side. On lighter note, I managed to be a part of something big and eventful that particular day which resulted in a new Malaysia Book of Records entry for largest blogger gathering  ^^ !


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( Btw  many C4 thanks for using your photo )


jfook said...

Wanted to go but having finals. :(

JAI said...

Spec - Soon i'll publish our picture you and me loving couple in my blog..ahaks3 Be patience..too many picture wooo..stock for 2 weeks blogs entry..

Spectre said...

jfook:fine but in futuru Die Die must attend late also no mind!

Jai: @@ er okay take your time

CloudFly said...

nice to meet you^^

Clarisse Teagen said...

Sigh, i really wish i could have gone!! . . awww.
been too busy lately.

Aidi-Safuan said...

erk, why is my face cut by half? :p

Spectre said...

clouldfly:yea U too dude :D

clarisse: awh....

aidi-safuan= that one u need to talk to the photographer :D