Friday, March 12, 2010

Instant Button

Getting weight or losing weight can be bad or good experience or maybe u stuck somewhere in the middle. However it can cause lotsa mild of discomfort in adjusting your pant, most of the time. However, Instant Button® is the original patent pending removable and reusable button that allows you to add or reduce your jeans and pants size instantly for that tailored fit, without requiring a belt or an alteration. Sound handy without need to a trip to tailor or shopping for new pant!

    • Place the Instant Button® in the desired location next to the primary button and insert the post through the jeans to the underside.
    • Secure the Instant Button® with the clutch fastener to the back of the post.
    • There are now 2 buttons on the front view.
    • Fasten the jeans using the Instant Button® for a perfect fit.
The clutch fastener is easily removed by pulling the tip of the cap to release the post.

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