Monday, February 1, 2010

Your Grandfather's Road

What!!!! U think this Your Grandfather's Road? Arh. No. I not trading insult with fellow motorist recently although there is some similarity there. Your Grandfather's Road is basically "about turning YOUR stories, ideas and experiences into a movie BY the people FOR the people" exposing the filmmaking process to film-lovers, amateur storytellers, budding artists, and everyday Malaysians just like you and me.Helm by experienced dudes and gal plus Popiah Picture,Mini Malaysia, creativeunitedmovement on board. It going to be 100 % Malaysian flavor movie thingy.

I read some of the stories like "If I Were PM, Bomoh and I, Jo's Place , The Big Dip ,Brother From Different Partner" and I personally vouch that this some thought-provoking ,hilarious, stories that I ever read to a point it share some similarity, touch and connect with many aspect of your personal life (me included-lah) the Malaysian way. Just airborne to their websites now or more info or if possibly contribute-lah in term in manpower story writing, moo-lah (RM) , pix ,comment or anything u can think of-lah

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