Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kick Da Ball = Electricity

All hail the Ball

Electricity. It's the most fundamental, basic yet simple thing in the 21 st century that power our life.Without it, there is no working phone, internet, tv , radio, washing machine and etc. However some folk in the world still does not possess access to electricity . Solution . Kick da ball. No I not talking the upcoming World Cup at South Africa , but unique project called sOccket , a soccer ball that turn energy from kick into electricity.No kidding. So it kinda 3 in one thingy or 4 if u count kicking the ball around, a portable generator,community builder and global health tool.
"For each 15 minutes of play, it can store enough energy to power a small LED light for three hours. sOccket could eventually help ease the reliance on toxic kerosene lamps in developing nations, thereby reducing the associated health risks." One thing for sure , we can throw away the candle when blackout hit coz we can kick errr .........i mean generate own power and held football match from the ball at the same time

Source: springwise,

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