Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walk+ Step = Electric Power

Shopping, walking ,dancing or just hanging out with best friend+ pal at shopping mall or strolling city sidewalks? Sound normal right. If I told u that these normal thing that we doing on daily basis can be converted into electricity? Would u believe me? Unsure . Well, Tt clear thing ups, Pavegen,a UK based company has created this Pavegen slabs, which can be inserted among regular sidewalk sections to capture the kinetic energy people spend just walking .(Kinda similar to powering the light bulb on pedal power). So in other word, each time we step on this slab , (Note: 5 percent of the energy harvested is used to make the slab's LED glow ) it automatically transfer the power into storage which used later to power the lamp post, advertising board ,information board and etc. A really grade A idea since we got lotsa shopper here jamming the mall on weekend.

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