Friday, January 1, 2010

Future of Personalization

Source : TheStar

Woooo. 2009 is officially over. And now even as I blog many people are celebrating the brand new year, 2010 in their own way. The big question now, running on many folk head is what 2010 going to store for us? For me, I going to take one day at the time coz it's "Business as Usual" despite tough economic challenges.

Urbany. Look around. Anyway "urbanization" is taking the world by storm and rapidly changing our lifestyle as sophisticated and de-manding consumers.

Green with purpose

Eco-Easy. Big multi-national company, governments and even individual like me will (like or not) will contribute meaningful sustainability goal to cut global warming or perhaps 2012 *the movie* is not that distant future. Go Green.

Tuna pizza with lot'sa cheese!

Mass Mingling. Isolation period is over.No more desk bound lifestyle as consumer is moving toward "Instant, Now, Immediately,Me" Lifestyle 24/7 around the clock.

Some folk still prefer old fashion saving.

Materialism. So the economy is bad and unemployment is soaring high but ever heard "Fortune favor the bold" .Brand (product or services) which are opinionated, risqué, outspoken or daring will have clear advantage during this trouble time.

Profile Myning. Nearly everyone is using and joining the social network bandwagon for social or business purpose. From Twitter to Facebook, even Friendster is going to undergo heavy transformation to provide better quality service to match user need thus generating profit.

Luxury. It kinda cliche and refer to high quality good with brand name that comes with it. Now, step aside coz it depend on consumer demand and "want", literary speaking of course with personalization gaining popularity.

MegaSale news travel fast !

Real-Time Reviews. Now with social network, good and bad news alike travel fast and generate instant result than average media.


Embedded Generosity. Donate while shopping online is going to part and parcel of shopping lifestyle. It kinda similar to donation box located at strategic place to entice consumer to donate only albeit faster.

Source: Springwise

Tracking & Alerting . Instant update will going to be new "google" as consumer can find information bout anyone else even complete stranger instantly on earth 24/7 .

Time will tell what the end result of "Personalization" but one thing for sure the potential is going to be limitless.

Source:Springwise, the Star, trendwatching, Infectious

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